Joining the BIR

If you have an interest in joining the Brit Iron Rebels and riding with the BIR LA Clan, read on.

To become a BIR member:
 1. You must currently own a true classic or retro British motorcycle. (See "Qualifying Bikes" below).
 2. Your bike must be in running order - basket cases do not count
 3. You must agree to represent the BIR in a respectable & appropriate manner
 4. You must pay a one-time membership fee of $25 (US) to BIR Worldwide
 5. You must participate actively as a Candidate and Prospect for a period of at least 9 months (See "Membership Details, below).
6. You must gain sponsorship from 2 active LA Clan  members.
7. The LA Clan must approve your membership by unanimous vote.

As a member, you receive:
 1. Full-time access to the Member Only Internet Forum.
 2. A membership card
 3. A membership patch
 4. Access to buy club related gear (t-shirts, mechanic shirts, and more)

Still interested? If so, contact us.

Membership Details:
LA Clan membership requirements exceed the minimum requirements established by BIR Worldwide. Once you submit an application for membership, you may be invited to attend one or more meetings/rides/events. After you have joined us for at least one meeting and ride, the club may invite you to become a “Candidate” for membership for a period of at least 3 months. If you demonstrate strong interest in membership by participating actively in our rides and events, the club may invite you to become a “Prospect” for membership, for a period of 6 additional months, during which you will be introduced to the worldwide club membership. If you fail to demonstrate strong interest by actively participating in rides and events, the club may remove you from the membership process at any time. After the 5th month of your Prospect period, you must seek out two sponsors to vouch for you for membership prior to the end of the 6th month. Once you are vouched, the LA Clan will vote to either accept or reject your membership.

Qualifying Bikes:
All new Triumph motorcycles that come under the 'classic' range except for the cruisers (Speedmaster, America and Rocket III), all Norton America produced motorcycles, Royal Enfield motorcycles, CNW Norton produced motorcycles and most classic and retro classic Brit bikes produced by any of the manufacturers listed below. If your motorcycle falls outside of this description, you are not eligible for BIR membership. If you wish to discuss compliance of other models not mentioned here, please
contact us to discuss it.
Here is a list of British Motorcycle Manufacturers, and other companies that have produced bikes in Great Britain at one time or another. Not all models produced by these companies will qualify you for membership in the BIR:

ABC, Aberdale, Abingdon, ABJ, ABW, Ackland, Acme, Advance, AEL, Aeolus, AER, AGA, Airolite, Ajax, AJR, AJS and Matchless, AJW, AKD, Akkens, Alecto, Alldays & Onions/Allon, ALP, Alta, Alwin, Ambassador, AMC, Anglian, Arab, Arden, Argyle, Ariel, Armis, Armstrong, Arno, Arrow, Ascot, Ascot-Pullin, Ascot-Pullin, Ashford, ASL, Aston, Atlanta-Duo, Atlas, Aurora, Austen, Avon, Avondale, AWJ, Ayres-Hayman, B&H, Babmber, Baker, Banshee, Bantamoto, Barnes, Baron, Barron, Barter, BAT Motor Company, Baughan, Beardmore Precision, Beaufort, Beau-Ideal, Beaumont, Beeston Cycle Company, Bentinck, Berwick, Bikotor, Binks, Birch, Black Prince, Blackburne, Blackford, Blumfield, Bond, Booth, Borham, Bounds-JAP, Bowden, Bown, Bradbury, Britax, British-Radial, British-Standard, Brough/Brough Superior, Brown, Brown-Bicar, BSA (Birmingham Small Arms), Bulldog, Burford, Burney, Caesar, Calcott, Calthorpe, Calvert, Camber, Campion, Carfield, Carlton, Castell, Caswell, Cayenne, CC, CCM, Ceedos, Centaur, Century, Charlton, Chase, Chater-Lea, Chell, Clarendon, Clement-Garrard, Cleveland, Clyde, Clyno, CMM, Colonial, Comery, Comet, Commander, Condor, Connaught, Consul, Corah, Corona, Corona-Junior, Corydon, Cotton, Coulson, Coventry-B&D, Coventry-Challenge, Coventry-Eagle, Coventry-Mascot, Coventry-Motette, Coventry-Star, Coventry-Victor, Crest, Croft, Crownfield, Crypto, Cyc-Auto, Cyclaid, Cyclemaster, Cykelaid, Cymota, Dalesman, Dalton, Dane, Dart, Davison, DAW, Day-Leeds, De Luxe, Defy-All, Dene, Dennell, Despatch-Rider, Diamond, DMW, DOT, Douglas, Downer Groves, Dreadnought, Dresda�, Dunelt, DUX, Duzmo, Dyson-Motorette, Eadie, Eagle, Eagle-Tandem, EBO-Leicester, Economic, Edmonton, Elf-King, Elfson, Eli, Elmdon, Elswick, EMC, Endrick, Endurance, Energette, ETA, Evart-Hall, Ever-Upright, Excelsior, Fagan, Fairfield, Farnell, FB, Federation, Fee, Few-Paramount, FLM, Force, Forward, Francis-Barnett, Frays, Frogmore, Fuller, G&W, Gaby, Gamage, GB, Gerard, Givaudan, Glendale, Globe, Gloria, Grandex-Precision, Graphic, Graves, Green, Greeves, Greyhound, GRI, Grigg, Grindlay-, Grose-Spur, GSD, GYS Cyclemotor, H&R, Haden, Hamilton, Hampton, Hansa, Hansan, Harewood, Hawker, Haxel-JAP, Hazel, Hazelwood, HB, Healey, HEC, Henley, Hercules, Hesketh, HJ, HJH, Hobart, Hockley, Holden, Hoskinson, Howard, HRD, Hulbert-Bramley, Humber, Imperial, Indian, Invicta, Ivel, Ivy, Ixion, James, JAP, JD, JEHU, JES, Jesmond, JH, JNU, Juckes, Juno, Jupp, Kempton, King, Kumfurt, Kynoch, L&C, Ladies' Pacer, Lagonda, lancer, Le Vack, Lea-Francis, Leonard, Lethbridge, Levis, LGC, Lily, Lincoln-Elk, Little Giant, Lloyd, London, Lugton, Mabon, Majestic, Marloe, Marlow, Mars, Marseel, Martin, Martin-Comerford, Martinshaw, Martinsyde, Marvel-JAP, Mason & Brown, Massey, Massey-Arran, Matador, ND, Neall, Neall-Dalm, Ner-A-Car:, Nestor, New Bowden, New Comet, New Coulson, New Courier, New Crescent, New Era, New Gerrard, New Henley, New Hudson, New Imperial, New Knight, New Paragon, New Ryder, New Scale, Newmount, Newton, Nicholas, Nickson, NLG, Noble, Noble-Precision, Norbreck, Norman, Norton, NUT, NVT, Nye, OEC, Ogston, OK, OK-Supreme, Olivos, Olympic, OMC, Omega, Onaway, Orbit, Ormonde, Ortona, Osborne, Osmond, Overdale, Overseas, P&M, P&P, P&P, P&S, Pacer, Packman and Poppe, Panther, Paragon, Paramount-DVO, Parkyn, PAX, PDC, Pearson, Pearson & Cox, Pearson & Sopwith, Pebok, Peco, Peerless, Peerless, Pennington, Perks & Birch, Peters, Phasar, Phillips, Phoenix, Pick, Pilot, Planet, PMC, Portland, Pouncy, Powell, Powerful, Precision, Premier, Premo, Pride & Clarke, Prim, Princeps, Prior, Priory, Progress, Pullin, Pullin-Groom, PV, Quadrant, Quasar, QUB, R&H, R&P, Radco, Radmill, Raglan, Raleigh, Rambler, Ray, Raynal, Ready, Rebro, Redrup, Regal, Regent, Regina, Reliance, Remus, Revere, Revolution, Rex, Rex-Jap, Reynolds Special, Reyre-Newson, Richards, Rickman, Riley, RIP, Robinson & Price, ROC, Rockson, Rolfe, ROMP, Romper, Roulette, Rover, Royal Ajax, Royal Eagle, Royal Enfield, Royal George, Royal Mail, Royal Roebuck, Royal Ruby, Royal Scot, Royal Sovereign, Royal Wellington, Rudge-Wedge, Rudge-Whitworth, Russell, RW Scout, Saltley, Sarco-Reliance, Saturn, Saxessons, Scale, Scarlet, Scorpion, Scott, Scott-Cyc-Auto, Scout, Seal, Seeley, Service, SGS, Sharratt, Shaw, Sheffield-Henderson, Silk, Silver, Silver Prince, Simms, Simplex, Singer, Sirrah, SL, Slade-JAP, Slaney, SMS, SOS, Southey, SPA-JAP, Spark, Sparkbrook, Spartan, Speed King-JAP, Sprite, Spur, Stafford, Stag, Stan, Stanger, Stanley, Star, Starley, Stellar, Stevens, Stuart, Sudbrook, Sun, Sunbeam, Superb, Supreme-OK, Supremoco, Swan, Swift, Symplex, Tandon, Tee-Bee, Temple, Thomas, Thomas Silver, Thorough, Three-Spires, Tickle, Tilston, Tooley's Bi-Car, Toreador, Torpedo, Townend, Trafalgar, Trafford, Trebloc, Trent, Triple-H, Triplette, Triton, Triumph, Trobike, Trump, Turner By-Van, Tusroke, Tyler, Umberslade Hall, Val, Vasco, Vauxhall�, Velocette, Venus, Verus, Victa, Victoria, Villiers, Vincent, Vincent-HRD, Vinco, Vindec, Vindec-Special, Viper, Vitesse, Voyager, Vulcan, W&G, Waddington, Waddon-Ehrlich, Wag, Wakefield, Wall, Wallis, Ward, Wardill, Warland, Warrior, Warwick, Wasp�, Wassell, Watney, Watsonian, Waverley, WD, Wearwell, Weatherell, Weaver, Wee McGregor, Welland, Weller, Weslake, Westfield, Westovian, Wheatcroft, Whirlwind, White & Poppe, Whitley, Whitwood�, Wigan-Barlow, Wilbee, Wilkin, Wilkinson, Wilkinson-Antoine, Williamson, Win, Winco, Wirral, Witall, Wizard, Wolf, Wooler, Wulfram, XL, XL-All, Young, Zenith, Zephyr

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